Monday, December 30, 2013

FREE Literature Guides!

Well, they're not *only* for homeschoolers, but homeschoolers will find these Literature Study Guides very useful, and so will any other teacher who uses these novels! 

Recently, I discovered Circle C books. I was drawn to them for my daughter who LOVES horses and because they're wholesome books. When I got to the site to check it out, I discovered a huge blessing: they provide Literature Study Guides (nearly 30 pages long!) and Lapbooks (which are actually through A Journey Through Learning) for *each* of their books...for FREE! What's more, they've even got a selection of the books for younger children (6-9 y/o). There's also a set that's geared more toward boys called "Goldtown Adventures," but I don't think there's a study guide for those.

Basically, the stories I introduced to my 12 y/o's feature a 12 y/o girl (Andi, main character) and her horse, Taffy. In the books for younger readers, Andi is younger (6 y/o) and so is Taffy. :-) So, same characters, different stages of life. The younger ones also have an "activity sheet" set (20 pages) that I'm using as a Literature Guide for my 10 y/o. They've begun reading the books on their Kindles and are super excited about doing the Literature Study Guide along with it!
So, I've got them all printed up and we're going to begin the Literature Study Guides on Monday. They'll do Math, Spelling, and their Literature Study (which covers Vocabulary, Geography, Character traits, Animal Science, and obviously Reading!). 

{Not sure what I will have them do for "English," but the study DOES have them doing some creative writing, so maybe I'll just leave it at that. As a writer myself, I honestly don't get too caught up in worrying about writing because I can teach them how to be good writers myself--without some type of "curriculum."}

Another thing that's similar to this is Beyond Five in a Row, which we're going to look at as well (I was able to get Volume 1, Volume 2, and the Beyond Five in a Row Bible supplement for $18 SHIPPED. Which is amazing considering that the volumes are approximately $30..EACH! For Beyond FIAR, we'd all work from the same book and do the program...but for individual Literature Studies, they'd each have their own, unless I wanted a couple doing the same, etc. I'm thinking of alternating between individual Literature Study Guides and Beyond FIAR. 

Ready? Set? GO!