Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did someone say...FREE Apologia Science classes?? Online classes..for FREE?

Yeppers! You got it--FREE online Apologia Middle and High School Courses. I'll wait while you pick yourself up..........

LOVE this course for my 13 y/os! 

Ya back? :)

These FREE online lessons start with General Science (which Apologia recommends you begin in 7th grade) and move upward. The neat thing about it? It's totally at your own pace, which means you're not trying to keep up with someone else's schedule, even though little Jimmy has been sick all week and you've been back and forth to the Dr.'s office umpteen times that week...the same week you didn't get to go grocery shopping and food eating is on a survival of the fittest" scenario in your home this week because Sally is also sick, except worse, and it's throwing all schooling off for her, Jimmy, and at this point, the rest of the children.

Yes, even on those weeks!

That's pretty awesome if you ask me. Especially considering that most other places charge somewhere between $75 to $99 for ONE child to take a "live" class.

Frankly? I'd rather my children do these types of classes that are "at your own pace" and that are free... than pay oodles of money for a "live" class. 

{Scroll to the bottom of this post for a link to ALL of the course offerings at Virtual Homeschool Group!}

Oh, and one of the things I've noticed the "live classes" market is that they do all the grading, etc. Well, if you've got the course in your hands, you'll notice that inside the beginning pages of the mondo-sized notebooking journal, there are lesson plans for every single day (5 days). So, children are already doing this coursework independently. It's not a big deal for me to grade a test or quiz!

Having "enhancements" such as what Mrs. Moore offers is fantastic, though, when it comes to General Science, which is a VERY meaty and intense course--serving as a wonderful "bridge" between what they've been doing all these years and preparing them for Physical Science (extremely intense). Both of these programs prepare children for High School level courses.

I have my 13 y/o's working in General Science this year, which is labeled as being for 7th or 8th (but ideally, 7th...so that they have TIME to complete many upper-level Science courses). Next year, they'll do the Physical Science course, followed by High School Bio, Chem, Phys, and probably Marine Bio.

Mrs. Moore also has a lot of extras for each Module. She may branch off into a of some Ancient Egypt something-or-other as a way to enhance Module 1. Or, she may have pictures of papyrus and go into great detail about what that is. Things like that.

All in all, I'm very thankful that she's put this together for those of us who'd kind of like a "teacher"...but not really 100%. I like LOVE the idea of someone there to elaborate on what's in the text already...but without totally taking over. And again, who doesn't like FREE??

Be sure to check out ALL of the other offerings of Virtual Homeschool Group in general!! They've got EVERYTHING.

Also, be sure to check out the Moore's site. Oh my goodness she's got some *amazing* content (in all subject areas, for all learning levels).

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