Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teaching American History? How about a GIVEAWAY to come while we're at it?

If you've been following along, you'll know that this blog is in its "baby stages," and that in honor of that, I'm giving away many, many freebies. Some are my own, and some are link-ups. 

So, I kinda thought that during the first few months, I'd start tossing out freebies. This week, I figured I'd give ya'll something incredible: an AMAZING pack of goodies at Dollar Tree prices! I think you're gonna be amazed at getting soooo much for only $30 (or even $20--keep reading!)!! It says it expires in 12 days (26th) so get it while it's hot, but MAN! American .........history, geography, patriotic stuff, just........everything! This really is awesome and is just too good NOT to share! There's a list at the bottom that tells what it includes, but I'll do you a quick favor and share below:

*You can also click the image below to be taken straight to the deal!*

Check out EVERYTHING you'll get in this package (which, BTW, is only $30. For YEARS' worth of curriculum, I might add!). 
  • US Symbols Flip-Flap Book (who doesn't love lapbooking??)
  • From Sea to Shining Sea
  • American Symbols Mini Unit for Kids! 
  • American Heroes Research Unit
  • Celebrate Freedom: Patriotic Brochures for Holidays, Heroes, Symbols, and Songs (good for any patriotic holiday, sounds like??? Cool!) 
  • Famous American Nonfiction Project
  • Landform Poster Pack and Activities Unit
  • Fact and Opinion Biographies
  • Veterans Day Differentiated Activities for Close Reading
  • Famous Americans and Holidays
  • Famous African Americans (Black History month is NEXT MONTH!) 
  • Landforms Across America
  • Social Studies Easy Readers
  • US Symbols Pack
  • Me on the Map Learning Stations (My Father's World--ECC! We have this, so that's how I know this'll be a great supplement!)
  • Across the USA
  • Famous American Inventors #1 (Morgan, Edison, and Bell)
  • Here's to our Heroes (MILITARY families!!)
  • Geography Basic Review Games Activity Set
  • US Regions: Northeast Region Unit
And my hands are tired from typing. Phew! 

Anyway: we're always trying to pinch pennies when buying curriculum, so $30 for 20 (yes, TWENTY) activity packs is like...$1.50/pack! But, if it's your first time at Educents, you can enjoy a $10 OFF coupon, making it $20 for 20 packs ....which is only ONE BUCK per pack! Trust me, you're NOT gonna find stuff like this for a buck anywhere. These are ALL those awesome packs you see online and, while they're less expensive than the stuff from big corporations, they's still anywhere from $4-15, depending. So, a DOLLAR ya'll....that's awesome. 

Seriously--where are you going to find $1 packs like this? My favorite part is how they're all bundled for a one-time purchase--and I am not even kidding--you'll get all this stuff you can use whenever you need it. And, of course, yours truly has something in there:

Remember: awesome curriculum at Dollar Tree prices! So .....go get it before it's gone (and before you have to pay $30 for it) ! :) 

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