Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who Doesn't Like a Giveaway??

Giveaway time!!

Two of my FAVORITE teacher bloggers are hosting an amazing giveaway! There are so many chances for you to win and so many things you can win! Check it out:

Each and every one of those teachers (in the above pic) has donated something for the giveaway. And donate means "free." And guess what? YOU get to have it! That's right - you get it! You don't have to "win" anything to get it; you simply follow the rafflecopter on Middle School OCD's page for 11 Scavenger Hunt things (don't worry--extremely easy. You're not going to be searching all over the internet for answers!). That's it! No really - that's IT! All you need to do is complete the Scavenger Hunt and after doing the 11th item, you'll "unlock" your secret surprise #12--which is where the goodies live! :)

So, what are you waiting for?? Get on it! I've already started some planning with my freebies!

And, because teachers like doing things in 2s for some reason (LOL!), there're *another* giveaway. Yep, TWO giveaways at the same time! The second giveaway  has  a prize pack that includes more than 20 amazing products, a $10 Starbucks card, $20 in TPT gift certificates, AND a package of goodies from New Zealand!  No "hunting" required. :)

Whether you're a new homeschooler, a public/private school teacher, or a parent looking to simply do enrichment activities at home with your little ones, you'll appreciate this! Trust me!

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