Sunday, February 2, 2014

Freebie February, Apologia awesomeness......and gobs more!

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Have you heard? Freebie February has begun! We're only 2 days in so if you haven't heard yet, it's definitely not too late! This particular bonanza is sponsored by one of my absolute FAVORITE sites, Educents. If you haven't checked out Educents yet, you NEED TO! 

Calling all homeschoolers, teachers, parents--everyone! Check out the incredible freebies offered each and every day! While you're there, be sure and enter the giveaway for--are you ready??--a $100 GIFTCARD TO EDUCENTS! 

I think I would faint if I won that one! 

I seriously can't say enough good things about Educents. They are JAM-PACKED full of stuff. We're talking stuff made for teachers/by teachers... made for homeschoolers/by homeschoolers, deals on popular homeschool curriculum publishers (AOP and Apologia, just to name a couple) and more. Whether you're looking for SOS/Switched-on-Schoolhouse, LifePacs, or Horizons... you'll find awesome deals at Educents. {Those links take you to specific pages for specific products, but just check out the homepage at Educents to see exactly what else you can get from AOP.}

And then of course, there's Apologia's Textbook {all 3 Zoology books, Astronomy, or Botany--choose one!} WITH THE NOTEBOOKING JOURNAL for only $50.40!!! 

You can also snag Crystal (MoneySavingMom)'s **FREE** printable packet that I know many of you will use in your HMB (Home Management Binders) while others of you will use simply to get organized! 

And I started out talking about the Freebie February @!! This post is jam-packed full 'o freebies, amazing deals, and lotsa good stuff. I hope you'll get it while it's hot (cos some the AOP and Apologia...end VERY SOON!).

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