Monday, February 17, 2014

Life of Fred Discount - Amazingly LOW price!

The biggest problem is....trying to decide which to books to get. You know, since you can get TWO for just under $25 and all. 

Have you heard? Educents has Life of Fred--and they're practically giving it away! At least, when you combine the deal itself with an extra 20% off. That brings the grand total to $24.44. For TWO LoF books. No really--less than the cost of one book....for TWO.

So about that extra 20% off....

If you really (and I do mean really, really!) want to buy this, you've got one more week to do so. Once you've made your choice to get in on this deal, do the following:

1) SHARE this blog post on Facebook.
2) TWEET this blog post.
3) Leave the links to your FB share and Tweets in the comment section, along with your email address so I can email you the code to take an extra 20% off.

That's it! You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. :)

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