Friday, February 28, 2014

Monsters University FREEBIE for Homeschoolers!

Please note that this *FREE* product is for  homeschooling moms or personal use at home (i.e. teachers to use at home with their own children). If you're a teacher or a homeschooling co-op teacher, please be respectful and grab this at her TPT store. Teachers--especially those who also sell on TPT themselves--are generally some of THE most respectful of stuff like this, so I know it won't be an issue...but I wanted to state upfront that this is not meant for passing out to 30 students (or even 10 in a homeschool co-op). Thanks! 

FREE University Monsters Worksheets (Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade)
Who has a Monsters University fan in their home (like I do)?? 

This FREE Monsters University pack from 123Homeschool4Me is awesome. It's for ages 3-9, but obviously as homeschoolers we know we can go higher or lower. I LOVE how it spans so many ages and am shocked it's free ....but I'll take it! My son is going to be STOKED when I show him. 

The following was taken directly from her site but describes exactly what's included: 

Included in University Monsters {direct quote, but I know she meant "Monsters University"} Pack:
- Pre-Writing Practice
- Cutting
- Build a Word
- Upper/Lower Case Letters (K-1st)
- Tracing Words
- Letter Uu

- Build a Sentence (K-2nd)
- Cut & Paste
- Graphing
- Number Practice
- Shadow Matching
- Which One is Different
- Patterns
- Size Sequencing
- Addition (Preschool – 2nd Grade)
- Alphabetizing (K-2nd)
-What Time is it (Kindergarten)
- Puzzles (Toddler & Preschool)
- Color Discernment (K)
- Multiplication & Division (2nd & 3rd Grade)
- Alphabet Chart (Preschool – 1st Grade)
- Skip Counting by 2s (Kindergarten)
- Cursive Chart (2nd Grade)
-Create a Word Strip “ike” (Kindergarten)
-Learning Cursive (2nd Grade)

On TPT, she goes by "Living Life Intentionally" (which, for me, was a dead giveaway that she's a fellow homeschooling mama ). Check out her store ......which also has some FREEBIES for teachers!

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