Saturday, March 8, 2014

Draw Write Now deals at Educents!

Draw Write Now Boxed Set
The Draw-Write-Now boxed set is one of the latest homeschool-friendly publishers to hit the Educents floor! 

One of the best things about this series is that it brings History topics alive for children. Although the publisher of this program says "up to 3rd grade," it's EASILY adaptable for children much, much older. Even teenagers enjoy using these books. I've seen it at co-op, in person, and in my own home. The gentle approach of the series appeals to many Charlotte Mason homeschoolers while the art-sy approach seems to appeal to many Waldorf and Montesorri homeschoolers. 

And then there's just the fact that it's an awesome series that appeals to ALL homeschool types no matter what! LOL 

Go check it out while you can get it for an amazing price! Of course, if you're not sure about buying the whole kit 'n kaboodle, you may want to buy a single book instead of the whole series.Or, if you have a 5-6 year old, you may be interested in the drawing and handwriting book (pictured below).

 Draw Write Now Workbooks

 But if you already know about this series--or may even have some of the books in your home right now--then you know this is awesome. Go get it! 

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