Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Friday Freebies ~ 3/28/14

As I discussed once before, I'm going to start doing a weekly "Freebie Friday" for you guys! I don't have any set number (like "Freebie Five!" or something like that). It'll just be what I happen to come across or go find--yes, sometimes I do actually go hunting for freebies specifically for you! :)

  1. First up... you can pretty much call this the "mother-load of free clipart." Ashley Hughes has a LOAD of free clip art in her store, but this specific set was part of her reaching a milestone. I downloaded ALL 14 (yes, seriously--FOURTEEN!!) *free* pieces of clip art a couple of weeks ago because I follow her on TPT and saw my notification. It's called her "Amazing Accents" collection. If you're a clip art fan like I am, she's definitely one I'd suggest following--especially if you like freebies! Grab these here at her TPT store!

  2. These Spring Calendar Task cards are PERFECT for daily reviews! Although they're tagged as being "2nd grade," they'll easily work for anywhere from 7-10 year olds, just depending on where your child is at and the skills he or she has obtained. While I don't plan on using them in a calendar, I love using these types of things as just general daily review for whomever it suits. Sometimes, I'll sort them (like 7-8 y/o's, 9-10 y/o's) and then each day, "group" of my children will get a turn. They LOVE THIS!

    Also, if you like this, be sure to follow Second Grade Style for any updates she puts up! :)

  3. Next up is a FREE Bedroom cleaning mini flip chart from Times Tales. This is really cool because it walks children through cleaning up their rooms in a fun, step-by-step way. And, because it's in flip-chart format (versus Mom & Dad...), children can use these independently. My children are going to LOVE these, especially my younger two.

    Not that they need something like this in order to clean their rooms... but I'm planning on reserving them for when their rooms look like a tornado just struck (and hey, if I'm being honest, even our--parents--room gets that way at times). On those times, it's SO overwhelming--even for adults. {So then, why do some adults hold children to higher standards than we have even for ourselves??? That's more of a discipline/how-you-view-children issue, so I'll leave that off this blog.}

    Anyway: I have step-by-step type of thing (just 1-2 pages) in my Home Management Binder. My older two have their "Pre-Home Management Binders," but they don't have any pages like this. This is definitely "kid-friendly" and I can already tell it'll spark motivation in my crew on those dreadful, terribly overwhelming days. Can't wait to try these out! 

  4. Super-Charged Science has long been a known company in the homeschooling world. It's more than "just" Science, and it's definitely more than dry reading of a textbook. It's hands-on and VERY visual for my visual learners.

    With this free DVD, you'll get 10 (yep, TEN!!) cool, easy-to-do science lessons. The DVD will guide children step-by-step through each one. There are also activities and experiments that use easy-to-find, inexpensive materials, activities your children can do indepndently AND a 26-page PDF guidebook explaining each experiment as well as the Science behind each one.

  5. I LOVE finding new sources for inexpensive clip art! I love it even more when that clip art is FREE! Wooooot! I came across DJ Inkers through Educents and have been scouring the site ever since. Great stuff for really good prices! :)

    Easter Story in an Egg - Resurrection Eggs from

  6.  For years, my children and I have been doing Resurrection Eggs at Easter Time. If you shop at the Christian stores, you'll notice that they aren't always cheap--unless you get them on Educents, that is!

    How about $14.99??? :) Less than $15 isn't bad--especially since you can earn Edubucks along the way (you earn Edubucks for every purchase!). Also, since this is the "2014 Edition" (AKA the "Resurrection Eggs Anniversary Edition"), they've improved the contents as well!

    Considering you'll use them year after year, the price isn't bad (though I don't have any plans to "update" our version; they work just fine...and I'm NOT a fan of spending money unnecessarily). But let me say this: I've purchased TWO sets in 13 years of parenting. Why? Because a few preschoolers I birthed got a hold of the first set and thought they'd make a nice addition to their doll houses many years ago.... The second set not only went WAY UP HIGH (with explicit instructions NOT to touch!)... but they also sat there as my children simply got older.

    So, we've been using the same set for the past 5 or 6 years now. But, what fun it would be to make them! I think this is still a great idea even if you do have the pricey, store-bought version. I mean, I sure as heck wasn't buying four sets of those things...but by doing this craft, everyone would have his or her own set! Not that everyone must have EXACTLY the same things (I can't stand that mentality, and I happen to think it's school-bred but I digress...) but everyone simply *would* get his or her own. Unless we all made it a group project as we have some of our lapbooks....hmm! 

  7. Anyway, now I need to decide if I want to do these alone or together with some friends. Decisions, decisions!

    Whether you're making them on your own or are using the store-bought version (because maybe, like us, you already have one), check the current sidebar for some ideas for a couple of adorable--and cheap!--books that'd go great with the story, a lapbook, or just another day!
So, that ended up being 6 for this week! Stay tuned (by subscribing via email; Bloglovin' and Facebook buttons shall appear!). If you don't want to miss what I find for you each week, stay in touch! :) 

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