Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Educents!!

(And by "We" I mean Educents!) 

Educents is turning ONE, ya'll! Can you believe it?!? Those of you who've been on board since its inception have noticed some incredible changes over the past year. The site literally went from offering just a few products--and leaving them up for quite a while--to offering a billion products, making deals with several vendors, and having to put time limits on how long you can make your products available! This is HUGE--and it all happened in just one year!

Educents has grown exponentially in the past year, and it's time to CELEBRATE! Because, really, it couldn't have happened without YOU....guess who gets the prizes, discounts, and giveaways?? That's right--YOU! 

If you aren't already signed up, make sure you create an account (which is totally FREE!) ...then subscribe to the newsletter via email so that you don't miss a single thing! (You'll be happy you did, too, because even after the big birthday bash, you'll be the FIRST to know about everything going on, what's up for sale, amazing discounts, and more!) 

Don't forget, signing up is absolutely, 100% FREE. The only thing you'll lose is your own money if you spend it unnecessarily on curriculum you were going to buy anyway when you could have saved loads by purchasing it on Educents! Just check out some of my previous posts to see what I mean! 

And how about a FREEBIE to get started??

How cute is this!? As promised, it's totally and completely FREE!

From products from big-name publishers (see previous posts) to teacher-created materials that will REALLY save you loads (again, see previous posts), you'll find it all on Educents. BUT! You must have an account in order to snag the deals, subscribe to the newsletter, enter giveaways, AND earn Edubucks (that's like earning "store credit"...and you earn it *every time* you make a purchase. How awesome is that?!

Oh, and I blog about Educents all the time, so you're free to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss announcements, too! The benefit of subscribing to my blog is that you get more than just "buy this!" You get to hear from a REAL homeschooling mama (who has been doing this homeschooling thing for 13 years now), and you get to hear how a product will really be good, see pictures of products in use, or, yep, even hear why something may not be a good fit for your family. 

Either way, stay in the loop and don't miss out the deals from this amazing curriculum-saving company! 

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