Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Homeschool Architecture, Bug Collectors/Bird Houses, Family Science (and Math!) games....and a St. Patrick's Day freebie for little ones!

With a young boy on my hands, I'm used to seeing building upon building erect. (I'm also used to disgusting bug collections, but I digress...) It's like....it's innate in boys to want to create and build. Not that this is limited to boys, mind you; I'm sure plenty of girls enjoy seeing just how high they can build something before it topples over!

Architecture Course
Of course, there's a boy here... but note the girl in the background! 

If you've got a future engineer--or Imagineer!--on your hands, he or she will fall in love with this course from Homeschool Architecture! This isn't just some "build and watch it fall" thing. It's an actual course. As in, something your child will happily watch you schedule into your day!

If you look at my blog header, you'll actually see something similar made from gumdrops that we did a couple of years ago...but that didn't take as much effort as the above marshmallow structure would (because of the arches)! 

Have fun watching what your kiddos come up with before your very own eyes! And now, it's only $59.95--which is almost 40% off!

Speaking of bug collections... 

Let me say upfront: I am scared.to.death. of lizards. Literally, I panic. I'm "okay" with seeing them outside, as long as they are a decent distance away (minimum 3 feet). But any closer and I start shooing them away. And in my house, I nearly faint. (Except for Sunday evening when, as we were on our way to our evening church services, I opened the door and one scrambled in. Somehow, my "fight or flight" instinct kicked right in and I "fought" the lizard...and won, of course. Immediately when I saw him, I.......stepped on him. Eeek! Gross!! But it just came instinctively, I'm telling you. I just....saw him, panicked for a second, and then BAM--stepped on it. Without even thinking. Afterward, I exhaled...realizing just what I'd done as I leaned back on the couch and felt my heart speeding out of my body. My teenagers said, "Whoa Mommy! I'm shocked at you!"

(Me): "For what?" I replied (thinking, DUH I'm not going to just let this thing be in my house).

(Teen 1): "For not running away...and for just stomping on it!"

(Me): "Well what did you think I was gonna do? Just let it roam the house?!?"

(Teen 2) "We expected you to take off running up to your room...like when there was a snake in the yard."


(OK, #1 that was a snake. And #2...so what. Humph!)


My future herpetologist (who is forever collecting lizards and who knows he will never bring them inside) has been keeping his "pets" in a netted butterfly garden. However, I stumbled upon this that I absolutely know he'd love:

Wildlife Books
Granted, he'd want to keep his lizards in the Bug Bottle (fine by me, but they still are NOT coming in the house). However, I know he'd love the Bird Book and Bird Feeder as well! (We actually have some wooden ones upstairs from this past weekend's "Build & Grow" at Lowe's...but it isn't our first bird feeder. And, he made most of our previous ones.) At just under $25, it, too, is nearly 40% off! 

And if those weren't enough deals for ya...... how about some Math and Science games for the whole family? There's Math Explosion, Sci-ology, and Animal Tracks--a must-have set for homeschoolers, I'm telling you! This set is AWESOME.

Ready for some freebies? 

I'm almost always loaded with freebies, and today is no exception! (OK, some days my posts are "loaded" with freebies for you...other days, it's just 1 or 2. Today is one of the latter days.)

BTW, today's freebies are for the littles in your home!

First up........ how about SIX I See Sam books??? And yes, they are 100% FREE! These books are normally $20 (don't believe me? Google it and see!) But for right now, you can get them totally FREE!

SIX I See Sam e-books
And for your littler ones working on sight words and Spelling, check out this seasonally appropriate....... and FREE...... St. Patrick's Day freebie! This is so cute! You just print out the pages (which your kiddos can also color) and the letters. Then, your little ones will complete the sentence with a sight word by building the word (excellent hands-on Spelling practice) that goes in the blank.
St Patrick's Sight Words

Well, I've finished my coffee... so it's time for me to get to doing some guided learning with my own crew. :)

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