Monday, March 3, 2014

No Prep Grammar, Totally Open and Go ~ "Teaching Grammar" set at Educents!

Teaching Grammar

So, Grammar isn't always the most fun subject to teach...especially if you don't even understand it yourself. You look around, you talk to other homeschooling mamas, and you keep hearing about some supposedly-glamorous grammar program that you're this.close. to buying. It promises to teach Grammar and promises your kiddos will retain the info to boot! 

Lemme let you in on a little secret: in reality, you can teach everything there is to know about Grammar in one year. And remember, I say that as a Sr. Editor/Sr. Content Editor/Writer....and a whole slew of other titles that are pretty much not worth mentioning except to show you that I know what I'm talking about. Not to toot own horn or anything.

But yes, you read that right. ONE year. There is seriously no need to spend big money on some "fabulous" program you're dying to check out at convention. Instead, go for something less complicated (and that's very open-and-go...which we all LOVE!) like the Teaching Grammar set at Educents for only TEN BUCKS!! (Well okay--and 99 cents.)

This set has TEN instant downloads and enough pages to last the entire school year. As a Writer and Editor myself, I can tell you that Grammar isn't really something that you need to teach *every* single day (though many homeschoolers are under the impression that that's the case). Trust me--it's not.

In fact, going over Grammar evvvvvery single day is a great way to kill retention. Because guess what? Most curricula publishers are going to keep having them do Grammar every.single.year. until they graduate. Isn't that splendid? 

I know, you're jumping with joy.... 

Instead of killing retention or boring Mom to tears, try something WAY less expensive, far more engaging, and that teaches just as much as the other programs ....except without all of the unnecessary "fluff."

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