Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sermon Notes for Kids {FREE} Printable

If your little ones are like mine were, they could really use something like this pack of Sermon Notes for Kids to keep them focused in church. Of course, mine are older the sermon itself is enough to keep them focused--or should be....

But when they were younger, I would have loved to have something like this! I keep feeling like mine were born in the Dark Ages...or something...with all this cool stuff popping up left and right for little ones. WE never had this stuff! And my oldest two (twins) are only 13! Sheesh! 

This awesome FREE printable comes from Not Consumed (love that title!) and would have been a Godsend when my children were younger! It's a FREE "Sermon Notebook" that is specifically meant to help little ones stay focused in church--which is especially helpful for those of us who prefer FIC (family-integrated churches).

By the way: if you're looking for practical information as a solo mama, you'll definitely want to head to Not Consumed. She's got some very good information about dealing with the aftermath of a spouse leaving and other bits of encouragement you're likely to enjoy reading. ♥ 

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