Saturday, February 14, 2015

Frugal Friday Freebies (a day thank you EDUCENTS!)

Sorry this is a day late this week! As you can see, I haven't posted anything since LAST Friday. We've been on the run this week...with anywhere from one to three errands each day. From client meetings, auditions for the kids, and, Dr. appts, it's been an INSANE WEEK.

AND....I'll be launching a new product line in my TeachersPayTeachers store next week (last week of February)! Gah! (For those who don't already know, I damaged my right arm and am just recovering this week, so that was a major setback.) I'm reaching out to a few Top Sellers on TPT (some of whom are editing clients of mine) as product testers because I wanna make sure it's something I can officially say is "tried & true" (and loved!) by some of TPT's Top Sellers! 

Soooo, I'm kinda cheating and am gonna go with a couple of (errr...make that 17!) awesome freebies from Educents!

First up is a MEGA freebie pack of 16 FREEBIES from for preschool to around 1st/2nd graders.

Of course, in's for ANY child who could use the help. ALL teachers--whether homeschoolers or classroom teachers--know we use whatever we need to help our kiddos, regardless of "grade level" - so don't be deterred because it's labeled as a "preschool pack!" Tucked inside, you'll find the extremely popular Frozen ABC pack, too!

Exclusive Freebie Pack

This pack is pretty much an absolute boatload of ELA/Language Arts resources covering:
  • Sight Words
  • CVC Unit
  • Spring Unit
  • Back to School Selfies
  • Rhyming Bunnies
  • Robert Munsch Unit
  • Spring Wheels
  • George Washington Unit
  • Sight Words
  • Amusing A Pack
  • Cooking Into History
  • Farm Unit
  • Frozen ABC Pack
  • Short Vowel Sorting
  • Spring Poems
  • Vowel Sounds
Interested? Go grab yours while it lasts! 

For your older ones, check out this FREE Black History Month set of Biography Notebooking pages

Biography Notebooking Pages

This bundle is a great way to review or start teaching biography reports! And, it'll work with any resources you're using for Black History Month! In the end, you'll have an awesome notebooking project pack

Here's to a less busy week this week! (Yeah, right!) 

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