Thursday, January 14, 2016

Times Tales downloadable package - only $15.95!

Times Tales DOWNLOADABLE Version
Times Tales downloadable version - just $15.95!
You've heard about it, you've wanted it, and now's your chance to get it for just $15.95!  

Times Tales downloadable version, which includes 2 downloads of the actual videos and 3 more downloads of the worksheets, game cube, and answer key! 

Even though we own the book already, for $15.95, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cast this onto the big screen we have in our classroom. If nothing else, I wanted the accompanying worksheets anyway - which include tests, crosswords, activity sheets, and the game cube - so I paid pretty much the same price as those alone for the WHOLE package deal!!  You really can't beat that! So if you're like me and have had your eyeballs on this, you have one week from today to grab this deal

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