Monday, May 29, 2017

The Post Where I Talk About Why We Aren't Taking a Summer Break

As summer approaches, I sit here wondering what it must be like to take a summer break. You see, we won't be taking one this year (though every year, I SWEAR that "next year" we'll take one). Instead, this year (as seems to be our pattern), we took a winter break. Actually, we took an extended winter break since I  had a baby in January (baby #5 for those who were wondering).

So, because of that, we won't be taking a long summer break. We took our break earlier and we are plugging away at school until mid-August..which is when we'll take our summer break. We'll take a two-week break at that time because our Disney passes won't be blocked out (they're blocked out for summer but who the heck wants to be traipsing around Disney when it's 104 degrees anyway?). They'll pick back up mid-August, so we'll take our summer break at that time and then we'll resume school on Labor Day. Yes, ON Labor Day, not the day after.

I write this because I've been asked by some (usually those new to homeschooling) why we don't take a summer break or if we're trying to get our kids into college early by not taking one. Not at all. The twins will graduate in June of 2019 as scheduled and the others will graduate in June of the year they're set to graduate. Now, I say all this with the full intentions of taking a summer break next year (except for Lexi who will continue in sciences because she's determined to get into super high levels of science for her career). Next year, I'm telling you, I'm going to enjoy a full summer break with those who do. But for now (and for the past 13 years), this is our life. (You don't really think we'll take a summer break next year, do you? :) We shall see!)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day 2017!! :) :)

Mother's Day was a blessing this year as always. Probably one of the sweetest parts is that I'm a mommy to 5 this year. Nonetheless, my 4 older children never cease to amaze me with how sweet they can be. ♥ Here's what I received for Mother's Day from hubs and the kids: