Saturday, January 27, 2018

EME2040 - Blog Post #3

In the past (and, for that matter, the present), I've used Word for all research papers I've been required to write. There was a time when Word was the only application I knew how to use. Since then, I've acquired skills in Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. I have different "faves" for different tasks, but the one I use most often is probably Publisher. 

In any case, as a student, I've used Word for papers. I've seen professors use Word for many things, from the class syllabus to class calendars. Frankly, I'm not a fan of Word when I need to incorporate graphics (I prefer Publisher or PPT for those tasks). Word tends to get persnickety about adding images and sometimes blocks me from doing what I want to do with graphics. It also gives me a hard time with fonts I want to use as images. For that reason, I've learned to use programs that are much more graphic-friendly, such as the ones I've already mentioned. 

The issues of copyright are interesting to discuss and reflect upon. As a TPT Seller and creator, I'm very familiar with copyright issues and with incorporating attributions somewhere in my work. Most Sellers I buy clipart from have some TOU (terms of use) that require anything from simply stating that you used clipart from that Seller to incorporating the Seller's actual logo in my work. Now, some Sellers like to request that people incorporate a link to their store on top of that, but that isn't something that can be legally enforced. 

Furthermore, this blog itself was designed by me but I couldn't have done it without using graphics, clipart, and fonts from another TPT Seller. I actually obtained her permission to use her clipart in my banner at the top of this page and she didn't really care about attribution (probably because my blog doesn't get even the traffic her blog gets). 

Implementation issues - So, one of the biggest issues I see that need attention are: 
  • Cyberbullying - In the classroom, I can prevent this by making sure to have a relationship of some sort with all my students at least to the point where they'd feel comfortable letting me know they're being cyberbullied right in my classroom AS I'm teaching lessons. 
  • Student Privacy - Since I don't plan to teach K-12, I won't need to have much interaction with parents (ever...), so the best thing I can do is obtain permission from my students to post/share things they send to me. I can also make it a requirement that they use applications such as Twitter or join the class FB page to ensure that anything they post is material THEY want posted and not just something I've decided to share. 
  • Piracy - I can help my students make sure their laptops and other devices are only used on secured networks when students are in my "care." 
I do feel like some of these implementation strategies don't necessarily apply to the students I will be teaching, since I plan to teach in the realm of higher education (meaning, mostly adults or at least students over the age of 18). I think this changes a lot of things, but I'm imagining myself as a K-12 educator when answering these questions. 

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  2. Tasha, I totally understand that you have to adapt your mindset when answering some of these blogposts. I am hoping to be a guidance counselor at a high school, so I will not exactly be teaching. I feel that you have done a great job at answering the prompts even though you aren't planning on teaching kids, but are planning on teaching adults. I admire you for that. Also, I love your blog! It is so beautiful and attention grabbing. I feel that I could learn a lot from you. I can't wait to read your next post!

    Fer de la Garza

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Fernanda! :) :)


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