Tuesday, January 9, 2018

EME2040 Blog post (Week 1 & Learning Styles Quiz results)

This semester (Spring 2018) is my LAAAAAST semester of undergrad. Finally! Finally, finally, finally...I will hold that Bachelor's degree in my sweet hands (actually, it'll hang on the wall or counter). I'm currently finishing up coursework for my Bachelor's in Social Sciences with a primary concentration in Sociology and a secondary concentration in Public Administration. That's a mouthful that basically means...a degree in Sociology and Public Administration. From there, I hope to enter UCF's English MA program and eventually be a candidate for their Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Composition. The ultimate goal is to become a college professor teaching English and literature.

My prior experiences with technology include Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PPT, Publisher, to be exact) and online blog-building platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress. As a writer and copy editor, I work on the computer all day. Part of my job involves blogging for a few clients, so this is pretty second nature to me! I am familiar with Wordpress and see its benefits, but I also prefer the Google integration of Blogger.

I hope to learn how to better put to use technology in the classroom. While I have no intentions on teaching in the K-12 sector, I know that institutes of higher education can benefit from technology as well. For instance, this class is delivered asynchronously (100% online), which means I'd better have a clue about how to use the computer. I'm honestly not sure why FSU requires I take this class given that I've taken umpteen classes online, but it's a grad requirement so here I am! I hope to learn something new in this class...something I didn't already know. While I may not learn how to use technology, I hope to learn how to integrate it according to best practices in the realm of higher education.

As a class assignment, I was required to take a learning styles quiz, which I found very interesting. Below are the results of my quiz:

According to the information below the results, I'm definitely a visual and "sensing" learning. While I'm not sure what sensing means, it's apparently the opposite of intuitive. I can't say I'm surprised by the results; I've always referred to myself as a visual learner. I "see" things better than I "hear" them, and I definitely have a photographic memory.

All in all, a fun activity!

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