Monday, February 19, 2018

EME2040 - Blog Post #6

This week for EME2040, we were to find class websites and see what information we could pull from the website without being "logged in" as a parent or student. In browsing around different class pages for Sawgrass Bay Elementary (a local public elementary school), I notice roughly the same information from each teacher: class name, usually room #, and a brief bio for the teacher. Below is a screenshot example:

This screenshot was taken from Mrs. Da Silva's class page. Mrs. Da Silva is a Kindergarten teacher. 

As for Twitter: 
So far, I can't seem to find many people tweeting with the hashtag #FSU2040. I did a search just now and I see my own posts but not many others. Before this class, I was already familiar with Twitter, so I can't say I've learned anything new but I have gained a new appreciation for the teachers and teacherpreneurs I've been following on Twitter. I've especially enjoyed reading tweets from those involved in #edtech because they've been helpful for this class. I try to RT anything I find that is related to educational technology. 

In the future, I will be a college English professor. I would LOVE to see college professors blogging and sharing lesson plans, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. Maybe it just depends on the subject you're teaching, but I can't seem to find anything anytime we're tasked with finding lessons (I usually look for lessons for ENC1101 and 1102 but sometimes I look for AP English Lang/Lit lessons.). So, in the future, it'd be helpful to reach out to other college professors and collab with them for lesson plan ideas. 

**Blogs I commented on: Emily's blog and Fernanda's blog. :) 

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  1. Hi Tasha! I enjoyed reading your post. I thought it was cool that you picked a local elementary school, and you chose a kindergarten teacher. I chose a high school teacher's webpage, so it was interesting to see the differences between the two web pages. Also, I started following a lot of people in the class we are in, so that is how I am growing my PLN and seeing the #fsu2040 pop up. I will say that growing my PLN has also been challenging, but I try to take it step by step every week. I also liked to read that you want to be a college English professor! English is not my thing, so props to you. My teacher in ENC 2135 made us all create wix sites, and she used wix as a "class blog" almost, posting all of our assignments on there. Looking forward to reading your post next week!


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