Monday, February 26, 2018

EME2040 - Blog Post #7

Maintaining a course website will be incredibly useful as a teacher. They are very important in this day and age and worth the effort. I won't say they're worth the "trouble" because these days, there are so many ways you can maintain a website without going to much trouble. Currently, for my homeschool (and sometimes for the tutoring students I have), I use Google Classroom. It's not as "advanced" as some class websites, but it's very similar to, say, Edmodo and other apps that teachers use. It doesn't have all the same capabilities as Edmodo, but it's useful. For a full-blown class website, one tool that's useful is Weebly.

As a professor, I envision using technology in many ways - especially if I'm teaching classes online. In any case, I'll use creativity software (or Microsoft Publisher) to create things like newsletters, flyers, and announcements. I will use classroom management software possibly to assist in keeping track of grades. Since I plan to become a college professor, many of the ideas in Chapter 5 and the podcast don't apply to me because I won't be involving parents, won't be creating cutesy worksheets, and won't use transparencies (I don't think). 

**Blogs I commented on: I actually commented early (commented on Week 6 blog posts DURING week 6 instead of waiting until week 7 to comment). See my week 6 post to see whose posts I commented on. 

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