Sunday, April 1, 2018

EME2040 - Blog Post #11

What I found most interesting that the instructor found interesting was the things we mentioned instructors should keep in mind when requiring students stay in contact with a class website. I think everything everyone mentioned is certainly important for instructors who wish to maintain a course website. However, I think some of the most important things Dr. Jiyae found important are "Keeping the website up-to-date" and "Getting students into the habit of using a course website daily to check what is coming up." Keeping the website updated is necessary because if an instructor can't even bother doing that much, how on earth can the same instructor expect students to stay on top of checking it?

Of course, that leads to the second point which was just that - remembering that students aren't quite in the habit of checking the website regularly. Since students aren't in the habit yet, instructors should give about one week if they expect students to check daily and perhaps two weeks if they expect students to only check weekly.

The technology skill I would like to learn next would be PowerPoint. I never thought I'd say that but the second assignment changed my mind on that. Granted, I learned many new skills in doing the PPT assignments, but they went by too fast to really remember how I did the projects. I just remember following a step-by-step tutorial throughout most of the time. I would like to think I'd have time to learn PPT better, but I know better than that. So, I won't probably learn how to use it until I am forced into learning it, which probably won't come until I'm teaching.

**Blog #10 posts I commented on: Fernanda's and Caroline's (although Caroline's says it's awaiting moderation).

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