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Short version: 
In the interest of giving a full and complete disclosure, you should know that this site contains affiliate links. Not every link is an affiliate link, but many of them are. While I am under no legal or contractual obligations to inform you of this, I feel an ethical obligation to do so. Personally, I feel it's a little sneaky not to inform you that I (may) get some type of "kick-back" from you clicking on links in my posts. 


Long version (stick to the short version if you don't like reading details):
Many bloggers spend some of their spare time specifically looking for great deals, freebies, etc. :::raises hand::: Granted, I'm usually looking for things for myself to use in our guided learning or activities I think my children may enjoy for whatever reasons. Doing so keeps costs down, so I think it's worth spending a little time scouring the internet for deals and checking out some of the stuff in the emails I receive that are specifically about homeschooling deals. 

(Note: For me, this is possible because all of my children are pre-tweens and teens. When they were younger, I had absolutely NO time to surf the 'net, unless I was NAK'ing (nak = nursing @ the keyboard. IOW, typing while baby is snuggled up eating). Also, my teenagers are great at using Pinterest to find fun and/or supplemental activities for themselves, their siblings, or the little ones they babysit! So that helps.)  

Generally speaking, though, if a blogger/site owner takes the time to find and notify you (or me) of deals, I see nothing wrong with that person receiving some type of "kick-back." I view it as "compensation" for the time he or she took to find and then post said deals. In fact, I often specifically ask bloggers/site owners if they have an affiliate link for a product that their post convinced me to buy.

Now, many people will simply learn about a deal, go check it out, and be on their merry way. Sometimes I do that... but most of the time, I come here and let YOU (my readers) know about these deals. Of course, that takes time.** (Actually, for me the biggest consumer of my time is uploading and posting images. If you've got some tips on how to do that faster, I'd love to hear them!)  

Nonetheless: I do use affiliate links in my posts, and I thought you should know. I also thought some (those who kept reading) may be interested in knowing why I do so with a little more than just "I like to make money off of you!"

To each his/her own! :o)

**Truthfully, it doesn't usually take me that much time typing, since I type extremely fast. This is likely a result of being a writer--which is just one of the hats I wear in the publishing industry--and that requires typing at a fast pace.

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